Cricket Communications
Retail/Channel Training via Mobile


Cricket Communications sought improved methods to provide just-in-time product education as well as updated reference and pricing materials to sales professionals working in corporate owned Cricket locations as well as dealer/channel partner retail locations throughout their fourteen state USA-based network footprint. 


Platform availability was expanded beyond the intended retail sales channel to add support for call center workers accessing their training through a Cricket-branded Learning Portal with integrated game mechanics.


Sales reps could elect to access recommended training materials designed for online and mobile delivery through any of the mobile devices sold by a Cricket retailer including current Apple iPhones as well as top end AND entry level Android-based handsets.


Select carriers opted to use game mechanics and dynamics to motivate sellers and increase engagement levels. Completed training modules yielded awarded points that highlighted the performance of top learners and earned them prizes in other incentive reward systems.

Custom UI/UX

A simple, responsive UX was designed and deployed to all supported Cricket handsets that organized available training campaigns and marketing programs as well as providing access to online informational resources.


Cricket wished to ensure any training completed by sellers – either through their existing Oracle/Taleo-based LMS platform or through CellCast – was recorded in a centralized system of record (Taleo); accordingly, a full integration was completed to connect Taleo and CellCast to consolidate course assignments, bookmarking/progress and completion status. Additional integration methods were installed including a dynamic user registration feed and support for an alternative SMS messaging aggregator.


Cricket merged with AT&T in summer 2014 and the training teams are currently endeavoring to pick and implement a “best of breed” solution that marries functions of CellCast with AT&T’s existing enterprise mobile learning strategy.   


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